Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bye bye Bohemian

Dollywood's only (supposedly) straight androgynous resident, Alex (Sweet_gal11) hit the jackpot yesterday evening, increasing his bank balance by a whopping $3.6Million.

The lottery? Inheritance? Not even close. Alex sold his bohemian beach home in an auction to the highest bidder.

Alex is pictured in his home earlier this year.
After the house was sold, Alex told reporters

"I'm really glad to get rid of that old shack, can't wait to move into something more modern and spacious"

Alex will be living with friend and co-worker Lige (lige07) until he is ready to move into his new home, the location of which, is yet to be revealed.

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Saturday, 4 August 2012


A group of A&E nurses rushed to the aid of Dei (To_Royal) late Friday evening, when she was carried into Sacred Star Hospital by her agent.

Doctors said Dei had suffered a venomous spider bite to the head, which caused her body to shut down. Luckily though, her team got her to the hospital just in time!

Her agent said "Dei was shooting a new promo for Fallen Angel, where she posed in garments from the new line, along with a tamed tarantula, all was going well, until suddenly, the spider took a sour turn and bit her!"

Doctors submitted Dei in to ICU and she is expected to make a full recovery by next week.

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Cold as steal

Bea (BestDamnFreak) got quite the shock last night when she returned to her home in  Winter Peaks, after a quiet evening out with close friend Nik (NikosF), to find all her belongings gone!

All of Bea's furniture, decorations and other trinkets had completely vanished from her mountain top suite, and when police arrived, their only prediction was theft.

As suspected, reporters flooded the areas outside of the crime scene. One reporter caught Bea blubbering "Who could have done this?"  as she climbed into the back of a Bentley which was said to have taken her to a nearby hotel.

More statements on the clueless catastrophe are yet to be released by police.

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