Monday, 11 June 2012

The team at Hot News is speculating that partner of Jack (freeduck___), Mairin (loveshorses5) is planning on bringing out a brand new clothing range! "Why?" ,you may ask, well let's look at the evidence...

The pap shot

Mairin was snapped in her office/workstation, on Floor 4 of the 6th floor apartment she shares with Jack, with rolls of fabric by her side and a notebook on the table behind her.

The tweet

She tweeted the following just a few days ago...

"Im sick of never finding clothes i like in the stores!! xx"

The partner with a plan

Jack was reported to have bought a two story retail lot downtown.

If Mairin launches her own fashion line, it will be great considering she possesses a very unique and strange style. But only time will tell.

-Hot News 

Weight loss worries!

Linda (Elite-Girl) was rushed to hospital when found passed out in her mountain top hotel Suite, just hours after this photo of her was posted on twitter by Reza (paria10)

Reza posted the photo with the caption

" Linda's looking very...deprived."

Which is true! Linda looks very underweight in the photograph, and her face looks so gaunt. Rumour has it she's been taking laxatives and other various diet pills in a desperate attempt to lose 30lb before she moves to her new beach home in Dollywood Sands. 

She tweeted recently 

"got to look my best for ds! x"

When will she ever learn.

-Hot News

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bald and beautiful

Owner of FIERCE Magazine, Alice (Hunnigall) was snapped on her penthouse balcony with a head as smooth as a babies bottom!

Hours after the image was mass exploited by begging bloggers, Alice tweeted the following;

"how could u not know i wear wigs?? lol i thought it was obvious haha xx #awkward"

During the wave of retweets and replies from her followers that followed shortly after the tweet, Alice denied rumours that she was a victim of cancer or leukaemia and said that she simply shaves her head because she "cant be arsed" to do her hair every morning.

- Hot News