Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bye bye Bohemian

Dollywood's only (supposedly) straight androgynous resident, Alex (Sweet_gal11) hit the jackpot yesterday evening, increasing his bank balance by a whopping $3.6Million.

The lottery? Inheritance? Not even close. Alex sold his bohemian beach home in an auction to the highest bidder.

Alex is pictured in his home earlier this year.
After the house was sold, Alex told reporters

"I'm really glad to get rid of that old shack, can't wait to move into something more modern and spacious"

Alex will be living with friend and co-worker Lige (lige07) until he is ready to move into his new home, the location of which, is yet to be revealed.

- Hot News

Saturday, 4 August 2012


A group of A&E nurses rushed to the aid of Dei (To_Royal) late Friday evening, when she was carried into Sacred Star Hospital by her agent.

Doctors said Dei had suffered a venomous spider bite to the head, which caused her body to shut down. Luckily though, her team got her to the hospital just in time!

Her agent said "Dei was shooting a new promo for Fallen Angel, where she posed in garments from the new line, along with a tamed tarantula, all was going well, until suddenly, the spider took a sour turn and bit her!"

Doctors submitted Dei in to ICU and she is expected to make a full recovery by next week.

- Hot News

Cold as steal

Bea (BestDamnFreak) got quite the shock last night when she returned to her home in  Winter Peaks, after a quiet evening out with close friend Nik (NikosF), to find all her belongings gone!

All of Bea's furniture, decorations and other trinkets had completely vanished from her mountain top suite, and when police arrived, their only prediction was theft.

As suspected, reporters flooded the areas outside of the crime scene. One reporter caught Bea blubbering "Who could have done this?"  as she climbed into the back of a Bentley which was said to have taken her to a nearby hotel.

More statements on the clueless catastrophe are yet to be released by police.

- Hot News

Monday, 11 June 2012

The team at Hot News is speculating that partner of Jack (freeduck___), Mairin (loveshorses5) is planning on bringing out a brand new clothing range! "Why?" ,you may ask, well let's look at the evidence...

The pap shot

Mairin was snapped in her office/workstation, on Floor 4 of the 6th floor apartment she shares with Jack, with rolls of fabric by her side and a notebook on the table behind her.

The tweet

She tweeted the following just a few days ago...

"Im sick of never finding clothes i like in the stores!! xx"

The partner with a plan

Jack was reported to have bought a two story retail lot downtown.

If Mairin launches her own fashion line, it will be great considering she possesses a very unique and strange style. But only time will tell.

-Hot News 

Weight loss worries!

Linda (Elite-Girl) was rushed to hospital when found passed out in her mountain top hotel Suite, just hours after this photo of her was posted on twitter by Reza (paria10)

Reza posted the photo with the caption

" Linda's looking very...deprived."

Which is true! Linda looks very underweight in the photograph, and her face looks so gaunt. Rumour has it she's been taking laxatives and other various diet pills in a desperate attempt to lose 30lb before she moves to her new beach home in Dollywood Sands. 

She tweeted recently 

"got to look my best for ds! x"

When will she ever learn.

-Hot News

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bald and beautiful

Owner of FIERCE Magazine, Alice (Hunnigall) was snapped on her penthouse balcony with a head as smooth as a babies bottom!

Hours after the image was mass exploited by begging bloggers, Alice tweeted the following;

"how could u not know i wear wigs?? lol i thought it was obvious haha xx #awkward"

During the wave of retweets and replies from her followers that followed shortly after the tweet, Alice denied rumours that she was a victim of cancer or leukaemia and said that she simply shaves her head because she "cant be arsed" to do her hair every morning.

- Hot News

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Patrick's shut eye shenanigans

Last night was the night of Patrick (devie44)'s bachelor/ette (?) party before his marriage to Vanessa (Star_Awards). The morning after the wild night out, tonnes of photos of Patrick passed out in the middle of Dollywood Central Park. The drunken disaster woke up and stumbled out of the park at 12:36PM, just 24 minutes before the ceremony was due to begin.

Patrick was seen climbing in to the back of a black limo just moments after waking from his slumber. We have yet to find out if he made it to the wedding on time or not.

-Hot News

Monday, 28 May 2012

Talk show trauma!

An enormous cloud of drama swept over the entire town of Dollywood on Saturday night during the airing of the first episode of "Gladis". As you all know, Gladis' (DingyFeathers) first guest on the show was Jack (freeduck___) and we all knew that wouldn't end well.

When Gladis asked Jack about his seven month relationship with partner Mairin (loveshorses5) a tall, big breasted, blonde lady in the audience quickly stood up and yelled "He doesn't love her, he loves me!".

The entire audience gasped and a spotlight swung around to the anonymous woman, she removed her oversized Prada shades to reveal she was in fact Jack's ex ex EX, Khol (hollyoaksrocks*)! The audience, Gladis and Jack were all shocked to their very cores. Jack rose from his seat and bawled back at Khol "Sit down you tacky bitch!", Khol replied with "You're just scared that everyone will know the truth!", Jack then retaliated by charging at Khol screaming "You bitch! You fucking ugly plastic bitch!". Both tumbled to the ground and  heated it up in a scandalous bitch scrap! Extensions went flying, names were called and one member of the audience even said she saw a tampon fall out of Khols shorts!

When security finally broke up the fight, Jack gracefully emitted a generous serving of his saliva on to Khols face. Classy.

Both are now in separate hotels and refuse to apologize for their actions.

-Hot News

Give a doggett a bone and that bitch will pipe down

When Ashley (ashley_doggett) visited PIX Studios two weeks ago, security had to escort her during her massive tantrum when she discovered she could not hire a photographer for a private photo shoot. She wished to hire top photographer Reza (paria10), but when he politely declined due to full bookings, she threw a diva strop and went insane.

A secretary at PIX told us

"Ashley went mad! She threw her handbag at a window and took her shoes off and started kicking everything."

After security took her out of the building, she sat outside for hours reading old copies of VOGUE, until eventually, Reza came out to her and allowed her a one hour photo shoot.

Just 1 of 84 photos from the shoot.

Ashley wants, Ashley gets.

-Hot News

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The pearl-fect escape

We all remember months ago when Sofi (lulla96) was caught stealing 8 pearls necklaces from the Epiphany jewellery store in the Starplaza. Well yesterday was the day she faced the judge. She turned up to court wearing no shoes and slurred the following to several reporters;

"Every girl likes a little glamour, I just prefer to get mine for free!"

Many say Sofi seemed under the influence of alcohol or even drugs, as she kept tripping and laughing every few seconds.

She was cleared of jail time but had to pay a hefty fine of $9,460 and must publicly apologize for her actions. Her apology is scheduled to take place outside Epiphany jewellery store sometime this week and Sofi said she will also make a speech about why stealing is wrong and the consequences she had to face after stealing the pearls.

-Hot News

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Keep your Kohl!

Kohl (hollyoaksrocks*) is now hospitalised and safe thanks to a team of medics whom found her after this photo of her circulated around tumblr;

The image was captured by a passanger in a car on it's way to Vegas. It shows Kohl stood at the side of the road after a fatal car crash that could have potentially killed her!

 When the police and ambulance arrived, the car was completely upside down and Kohl was laying at the side of the road unconscious.

She has been submitted to ECO Hospital for major facial reconstruction surgery and no other information has been released as of yet.

-Hot News

Caffeine Catastrophe!

All hell broke loose today when Nika (Princess_Kiara1) received an incorrect order in "Roots" coffee shop downtown.

The member of staff who served Nika told our reporters

"She ordered a decaf triple shot mocha frappĂ© and I accidentally only gave her two shots. Instead of asking nicely for me to correct the drink, she removed the lid and threw the entire thing on me!"

Passers by and customers in the store said that they were "shocked" my Nika's behaviour. After committing the appalling act, she apparently stormed out of the store muttering to herself and pushed a lamp over on the way out.

 A member of Nika's team told us she had been stressed and anxious about the opening of her new tattoo parlour in a few weeks, and maybe that's what provoked the inconvenience.

-Hot News

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Gladis talks "Gladis"

During an official press interview today regarding her new talk show, Gladis revealed how she felt about the very first guest to appear on her show, Jack (freeduck___).

"Jack is a very controversial character" she exclaimed "he has a vast array of personalities and I feel like he could swing from one mood to the next whilst on the show".

Last September, a court trial was held after Jack's (now ex) partner, Nicole (tapstar321) accused him of setting fire to her Mother's home. The entire trial was filmed and streamed to thousands of viewers LIVE on national television. During the trial, Jack was seen rolling back his eyes and mumbling, he also looked directly in to the cameras several times and made inappropriate suggestions using his tongue. After such events, many now label him as "psycho" or just "weird".

The first show of the new series is set to air this Saturday at 7pm and Gladis has said she is "nervous" and "doesn't know what to expect". Thousands of Gladis' fans have already said they can't wait to tune in and neither can I! Let's just hope all goes well...

- Hot News

Young Holly-wouldn't!

Earlier today Kimberly (xxlovexx) verbally attacked the team at the Starplaza Department Store with the following quote in her public online Diary.

"I think the latest, and horrendous, Young Hollywood collection has proven that we don't buy every limited thing from the Starplaza. It was awful and hardly anything sold it. If you don't make the effort SD we won't buy."

"Young Hollywood" was a new store opened on what the residents of Dollywood call "the expensive" side of the Starplaza. It barely sold any of it's products due to it's high pricing and low quality. Most of the clothes were "limited edition" too.

Kim's online Diary is known to contain many angry and slightly illiterate posts. Some even say that the Dollywood Council may get it shut down because of how much of a negative her posts have towards the town. I'm pretty sure that if any officials tried to tackle it down, Kimberly wouldn't take it too kindly.

-Hot News

In DDenial

After Doll Daily newspaper featured this close-up photo of Dollywood's most controversial transgendered train wreck, Jack (freeduck___), major uproar occurred

The photo was snapped by a member of the Doll Daily team whilst Jack was browsing the rails in "Antidote" last week, wearing only a black strapless bra and hot pants.

Rumours went flying that Jack had extensive surgery including breast enhancement, liposuction around the neck and chest area, and even a chin augmentation! Whenever anyone asked Jack for his side of the story he simply stated "No comment". But, his partner of seven months, Mairin (loveshorses5) gave her say to why Jack's torso looked tweaked; "He's been suffering from many personal issues lately" she whined to reporters "He's lost a lot of weight very quickly and things aren't really going well right now". That doesn't really explain why his assets have gone up a cup size, but we should really give Jack the benefit of the doubt I suppose.

Later that day, Jack posted on his Tumblr blog that he would be appearing on "Gladis" (the new talk show hosted by Gladis (DingyFeathers) later this week and will reveal all about the rumours of his surgery.


Aislin Victoire takes to the stage.

Tonight is the night of Aislin Victory's first showing of her brand new "theatrical event"; VICTOIRE. The show is said to include a lot of interpretative dance, acrobatics and displays of art through dance and movement. Aislin was caught by the paps late this afternoon when entering the recently built theatre "Riviera" at the side of the lake just out of town.

A member of Aislin's publicity team told us Miss Victory "didn't have the time" to answer any questions or pose for photos because "she had to get ready" which seemed weird considering she was already in full costume AND make up when she entered Riviera.

"VICTOIRE" is in Dollywood for just three nights, all of which have been already sold out! After her three shows here, Aislin takes to the road and performs another 37 shows locally.

-Hot News

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fur real?

Whilst out furniture shopping at Opulence yesterday, Eliza (Wooldoor) was the victim of an attack performed by a gang of PETA protesters whom ran into the store and began TEARING Eliza's gorgeous fur coat apart. A store clerk quickly called 911 and the protesters had to be tased and evacuated from the store.

The maniacs tore and cut off clumps of fur from the coat, including parts off the bottom and on the right sleeve. After the ambush, Eliza stated she was "shocked" and "terrified". "I thought one of them was going to slash my face" she told our reporter "it was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me".

-Hot News

Did I mansion my new home?

A few weeks ago, the paps caught Stardoll's Mrs.Glamazon, Selena (Ruubin) leaving an estate agents office downtown, and now we all know why!

It was revealed today that she had bought a $1.3Million home on the Voile Estate, on the upper east side of Dollywood.

The mansion is said to have 12 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a Ballroom AND an antique art gallery, and that's just on the first floor!

When a suave beige limousine picked up Selena from her old home on Tingeling Drive, a pack of paparazzi followed. Upon exiting the limo outside her new place, tonnes of gossip hungry reporters were at her neck asking such things as "Why did you move?" and "Who payed for this?". She answered by simply saying "Do you mind? I've got classy shit to do."

-Hot News