Monday, 11 June 2012

The team at Hot News is speculating that partner of Jack (freeduck___), Mairin (loveshorses5) is planning on bringing out a brand new clothing range! "Why?" ,you may ask, well let's look at the evidence...

The pap shot

Mairin was snapped in her office/workstation, on Floor 4 of the 6th floor apartment she shares with Jack, with rolls of fabric by her side and a notebook on the table behind her.

The tweet

She tweeted the following just a few days ago...

"Im sick of never finding clothes i like in the stores!! xx"

The partner with a plan

Jack was reported to have bought a two story retail lot downtown.

If Mairin launches her own fashion line, it will be great considering she possesses a very unique and strange style. But only time will tell.

-Hot News 

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