Thursday, 24 May 2012

Aislin Victoire takes to the stage.

Tonight is the night of Aislin Victory's first showing of her brand new "theatrical event"; VICTOIRE. The show is said to include a lot of interpretative dance, acrobatics and displays of art through dance and movement. Aislin was caught by the paps late this afternoon when entering the recently built theatre "Riviera" at the side of the lake just out of town.

A member of Aislin's publicity team told us Miss Victory "didn't have the time" to answer any questions or pose for photos because "she had to get ready" which seemed weird considering she was already in full costume AND make up when she entered Riviera.

"VICTOIRE" is in Dollywood for just three nights, all of which have been already sold out! After her three shows here, Aislin takes to the road and performs another 37 shows locally.

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