Thursday, 24 May 2012

Young Holly-wouldn't!

Earlier today Kimberly (xxlovexx) verbally attacked the team at the Starplaza Department Store with the following quote in her public online Diary.

"I think the latest, and horrendous, Young Hollywood collection has proven that we don't buy every limited thing from the Starplaza. It was awful and hardly anything sold it. If you don't make the effort SD we won't buy."

"Young Hollywood" was a new store opened on what the residents of Dollywood call "the expensive" side of the Starplaza. It barely sold any of it's products due to it's high pricing and low quality. Most of the clothes were "limited edition" too.

Kim's online Diary is known to contain many angry and slightly illiterate posts. Some even say that the Dollywood Council may get it shut down because of how much of a negative her posts have towards the town. I'm pretty sure that if any officials tried to tackle it down, Kimberly wouldn't take it too kindly.

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