Thursday, 24 May 2012

Gladis talks "Gladis"

During an official press interview today regarding her new talk show, Gladis revealed how she felt about the very first guest to appear on her show, Jack (freeduck___).

"Jack is a very controversial character" she exclaimed "he has a vast array of personalities and I feel like he could swing from one mood to the next whilst on the show".

Last September, a court trial was held after Jack's (now ex) partner, Nicole (tapstar321) accused him of setting fire to her Mother's home. The entire trial was filmed and streamed to thousands of viewers LIVE on national television. During the trial, Jack was seen rolling back his eyes and mumbling, he also looked directly in to the cameras several times and made inappropriate suggestions using his tongue. After such events, many now label him as "psycho" or just "weird".

The first show of the new series is set to air this Saturday at 7pm and Gladis has said she is "nervous" and "doesn't know what to expect". Thousands of Gladis' fans have already said they can't wait to tune in and neither can I! Let's just hope all goes well...

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