Monday, 28 May 2012

Talk show trauma!

An enormous cloud of drama swept over the entire town of Dollywood on Saturday night during the airing of the first episode of "Gladis". As you all know, Gladis' (DingyFeathers) first guest on the show was Jack (freeduck___) and we all knew that wouldn't end well.

When Gladis asked Jack about his seven month relationship with partner Mairin (loveshorses5) a tall, big breasted, blonde lady in the audience quickly stood up and yelled "He doesn't love her, he loves me!".

The entire audience gasped and a spotlight swung around to the anonymous woman, she removed her oversized Prada shades to reveal she was in fact Jack's ex ex EX, Khol (hollyoaksrocks*)! The audience, Gladis and Jack were all shocked to their very cores. Jack rose from his seat and bawled back at Khol "Sit down you tacky bitch!", Khol replied with "You're just scared that everyone will know the truth!", Jack then retaliated by charging at Khol screaming "You bitch! You fucking ugly plastic bitch!". Both tumbled to the ground and  heated it up in a scandalous bitch scrap! Extensions went flying, names were called and one member of the audience even said she saw a tampon fall out of Khols shorts!

When security finally broke up the fight, Jack gracefully emitted a generous serving of his saliva on to Khols face. Classy.

Both are now in separate hotels and refuse to apologize for their actions.

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