Thursday, 24 May 2012

In DDenial

After Doll Daily newspaper featured this close-up photo of Dollywood's most controversial transgendered train wreck, Jack (freeduck___), major uproar occurred

The photo was snapped by a member of the Doll Daily team whilst Jack was browsing the rails in "Antidote" last week, wearing only a black strapless bra and hot pants.

Rumours went flying that Jack had extensive surgery including breast enhancement, liposuction around the neck and chest area, and even a chin augmentation! Whenever anyone asked Jack for his side of the story he simply stated "No comment". But, his partner of seven months, Mairin (loveshorses5) gave her say to why Jack's torso looked tweaked; "He's been suffering from many personal issues lately" she whined to reporters "He's lost a lot of weight very quickly and things aren't really going well right now". That doesn't really explain why his assets have gone up a cup size, but we should really give Jack the benefit of the doubt I suppose.

Later that day, Jack posted on his Tumblr blog that he would be appearing on "Gladis" (the new talk show hosted by Gladis (DingyFeathers) later this week and will reveal all about the rumours of his surgery.


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