Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Did I mansion my new home?

A few weeks ago, the paps caught Stardoll's Mrs.Glamazon, Selena (Ruubin) leaving an estate agents office downtown, and now we all know why!

It was revealed today that she had bought a $1.3Million home on the Voile Estate, on the upper east side of Dollywood.

The mansion is said to have 12 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a Ballroom AND an antique art gallery, and that's just on the first floor!

When a suave beige limousine picked up Selena from her old home on Tingeling Drive, a pack of paparazzi followed. Upon exiting the limo outside her new place, tonnes of gossip hungry reporters were at her neck asking such things as "Why did you move?" and "Who payed for this?". She answered by simply saying "Do you mind? I've got classy shit to do."

-Hot News


  1. This is TOO good! I love it!

  2. Her new home is beautiful! It's also rumored that she is a transsexual I believe? You should look into that! It's not that it's wrong, I just find it interesting if it's true or not :P

  3. ^ I'm transgendered, not sexual!
    And I don't see how it is any of your business. If you wanted to know so badly you could have asked me!

  4. I won't be writing such stories of Selena's personal life. This blog is created for false gossip about the popular people of Stardoll, not personal details of their lives.