Sunday, 27 May 2012

The pearl-fect escape

We all remember months ago when Sofi (lulla96) was caught stealing 8 pearls necklaces from the Epiphany jewellery store in the Starplaza. Well yesterday was the day she faced the judge. She turned up to court wearing no shoes and slurred the following to several reporters;

"Every girl likes a little glamour, I just prefer to get mine for free!"

Many say Sofi seemed under the influence of alcohol or even drugs, as she kept tripping and laughing every few seconds.

She was cleared of jail time but had to pay a hefty fine of $9,460 and must publicly apologize for her actions. Her apology is scheduled to take place outside Epiphany jewellery store sometime this week and Sofi said she will also make a speech about why stealing is wrong and the consequences she had to face after stealing the pearls.

-Hot News

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