Saturday, 26 May 2012

Caffeine Catastrophe!

All hell broke loose today when Nika (Princess_Kiara1) received an incorrect order in "Roots" coffee shop downtown.

The member of staff who served Nika told our reporters

"She ordered a decaf triple shot mocha frappé and I accidentally only gave her two shots. Instead of asking nicely for me to correct the drink, she removed the lid and threw the entire thing on me!"

Passers by and customers in the store said that they were "shocked" my Nika's behaviour. After committing the appalling act, she apparently stormed out of the store muttering to herself and pushed a lamp over on the way out.

 A member of Nika's team told us she had been stressed and anxious about the opening of her new tattoo parlour in a few weeks, and maybe that's what provoked the inconvenience.

-Hot News

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