Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Fur real?

Whilst out furniture shopping at Opulence yesterday, Eliza (Wooldoor) was the victim of an attack performed by a gang of PETA protesters whom ran into the store and began TEARING Eliza's gorgeous fur coat apart. A store clerk quickly called 911 and the protesters had to be tased and evacuated from the store.

The maniacs tore and cut off clumps of fur from the coat, including parts off the bottom and on the right sleeve. After the ambush, Eliza stated she was "shocked" and "terrified". "I thought one of them was going to slash my face" she told our reporter "it was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me".

-Hot News


  1. She deserved it 100% I was part of that attack >:) I attacked her and she deserved every last bit of it. NEVER, and I mean NEVER kill a poor innocent animal for something as STUPID as a coat.

  2. It was horrible!
    Well, I'm going to Africa soon. If an alligator fucks with me, I'll be bringing home a new bag.