Monday, 28 May 2012

Give a doggett a bone and that bitch will pipe down

When Ashley (ashley_doggett) visited PIX Studios two weeks ago, security had to escort her during her massive tantrum when she discovered she could not hire a photographer for a private photo shoot. She wished to hire top photographer Reza (paria10), but when he politely declined due to full bookings, she threw a diva strop and went insane.

A secretary at PIX told us

"Ashley went mad! She threw her handbag at a window and took her shoes off and started kicking everything."

After security took her out of the building, she sat outside for hours reading old copies of VOGUE, until eventually, Reza came out to her and allowed her a one hour photo shoot.

Just 1 of 84 photos from the shoot.

Ashley wants, Ashley gets.

-Hot News

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